Advanced Cancer Treatment

The importance of automated planning

The importance of automated planning

All around the world the struggle to fight cancer is on the agenda. To it’s help doctors and clinics use advanced systems to improve and free up time for doctors to focus on the more complex cases. Automated treatment planning is the foundation of the RayStation from Swedish company RaySearch Laboratories. RayStation is the next generation treatment planning system and can help revolutionize the planning process and quality.

Ground breaking features

RayStation offers a world of endless possibilities in treatment planning. Its core is built on advanced features such as adaptive therapy which is designed to handle the dynamic aspects of radiation therapy. Adaptive therapy compensate for anatomical differences that occurs during a treatment. Together with advanced dose tracking RaySearch Adaptive therapy excels at evaluate the correct dose and finally minimize the risk for OAR (Organs-at-Risk).

Ultra fast optimization

Computers now days works fast and by smart optimizing and increase the calculation speed the plan quality of course is duo to increase which is why RayStation is the number one treatment planning system in the fight against cancer.

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